WE MADE IT! The first official week of gyms opening is here! We got official “guidelines” from the state and the good news is we are not too far off. We may have to move some metcon spots to equal the 14ft needed for no masks, but honestly I think our set up fit almost all criteria.

SCHEDULE CHANGE We are adding a 7:15am class to the schedule, this will run Monday through Friday. This will cancel open gym, except we have about 30mins before the 9. We will revisit this schedule if restrictions lift, but expect to see this class for a while.

SATURDAYs will now be run just like Sunday. Open gym 9-12 with a workout on the board. We will put a more detailed warm up, and a coach be there to help, but no official class on Saturdays until we can have more people in class. You will sign up just like a class.

This week we are getting back to some good strength, DON’T MISS A DAY.

Your week!


Overhead Squat, Power Snatch, Toes to bar, bike


Deadlift, Dubs, Row


Push Jerks, running, “Cindy” reps


Row, bike, Carry


Hang Squat CLean, Burpees


Running, toes to bar


Bike, hang cleans, step ups

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