Ok it's time to get this train back going peeps! This week I’m going to spell out the steps to take to be able to get back in the gym. I’ll also be personally emailing everyone these steps and rules, so keep an eye out for that.

This week I will be detailing each one of these steps, but here they are:

Quick List:

  1. Get the “Pike 13” app to sign up for classes/open gym (limited sizes)

  2. Return equipment to gym (if borrowed), pick up any belongings left in gym

  3. Read, understand, and sign Covid-19 Protection rules for opening and operation. You will sign in person.

  4. Watch video/ Look at Pictures on gym setup ahead of time

  5. As of now, the official date given for fully opening is June 29th. We will work on slowly getting people in before.

  6. Class schedule TBD, but will at least be the same pre lockdown

  7. Get ready to get your groove back


When we get back we will have to sign up ahead of time for classes, you will need the new APP to do so.

Download the app, and check out how to sign up for classes. It’s pretty straight forward, but this will be how we monitor class sizes and also track who is in gym.

Your username is the email you used to sign up for the gym on the ipads.

YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COME WITHOUT SIGNING UP AHEAD OF TIME. So please learn and understand how this works.

We will have specific time frames on when you are able to sign in in the rules section, but for now get the app and make sure you have an account.

If you need any help message me or email

This app work on IOS and Android. Sorry blackberry users, out of luck. You can use the pike13 website too.

Next step tomorrow will be equipment returns!

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