Programming for Week of 4/19/2020


OK guys this is it last week of the 800G diet challenge. As always I will have updates tomorrow on who is winning. LOG THOSE SCORES! There can be a BIG swing this week! There will be a GOOD prize for winners and SHAME for losers! SHAAAME. (come on team joe c)

What's the bonus??

Eat 50g+ of something purple-colored. NOT BLUE (i.e., blueberries)

See more here:


Some good news is Gyms were on “Phase 1” of businesses opening, so when the world opens up, we’ll be back BACK. Hang in there! Stay fit, drink a lot of water and we’ll be back before we know it.

The home workouts continue, come to those ZOOM classes! 7am, 12, and 5pm. Even if you just want to hear the chalk talk and do it on your own, I’d love to see everyone!

See you this week!

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