Programming for Week of 12/01/2019


Back to regular schedule! Time to get fit again, damn.

Reminder, check your SugarWOD App for extra performance workouts. It’s a drop down menu if you hit the “Workout of the day” button.

These workouts may be in addition to our normal class, or slight variances of the class workout. I’m going to start writing the extra work on the challenge board as well so you can’t miss it! If you ever have questions on extra work, ask a coach! Even those workouts can be scaled! I use only exclamation marks!

Also if you haven’t been outside yet, it's SNOWING so that means its 2 shoe season. Salt, wetness, and grossness creeps in, so bring a 2nd pair of shoes to minimize damage. We only want sweat and chalk on the floor. But not too much chalk. And wipe up your sweat. Ew.

OK your week :)


Back Squat, Toes to bar, wallballs


Push Jerk, Push Press, Burpees


Row, squat cleans, dubs


Bike, heavy Swings, rope climbs


Run, burpee box jump


Row, pull ups, clean, thrusters


Bike, lunges, situps

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