Crossfit Kids at CrossfitRBP

Summer Day Program
69 Norman St, Everett, MA

 We are excited to offer our Summer 2021 day program:

  • Jump into the fitness lifestyle under the guidance of experienced and certificated coaches

  • Select any combination of 3 2-week sessions which meet 5 days a week from 10:00 to 12:30

  • Accepting athletes entering grades 4 through 10.  

  • Sessions will balance skill development, form/technique training in a variety of crossfit movements, strength training, high intensity metabolic conditioning workouts scalable to any level, nutritional tips, and lots of fun and games.


  1. "Seems intense, is this for me?":  Yes! it's especially for you. Everything we do is always scalable to an athlete's abilities that day.  Coaches will not push athletes beyond their comfort limit, but may encourage exploration of new boundaries.  As with all sports, athletes not unwilling to push past uncomfortable boundaries may get bored.

  2. "Will they be working out for 2.5 hours, 5 days a week?":  No!  Every day will have a brief workout or 2, but there will be a lot of other content included in every class.  We may go to a neighboring field to play a game, or work on a skill or mobility, discuss nutrition, etc.  Some days will be hard, some days will be active recovery & mobility.

  3. "Can we pick and choose the weeks and/or the days we attend?"  This is a new and evolving program, but ideally athletes can plan to attend the full session.  If individual days are not possible, it's perfectly fine to skip, but the program is designed to progress with the athletes.  

  4. "I am a monthly member, how will that work if I sign up for the day program?"  Your monthly membership will be paused while you are in the day program, but you may still attend the evening classes if you dare!

  5. "Will food be provided?"  No, but there will be breaks for athletes to have their own snacks, and a filtered water bottle fillers on the ready.

  6. "Masks?" We will comply with city and state guidelines as they evolve.  Athletes are a always allowed to wear masks if they choose, but we will not require them for all athletes if we are not mandated to do so by the city or state.  All coaches will be vaccinated.

Program Goals

  1. Experience what incorporating fun and fitness into your life is like

  2. Develop a true sense of your physical potential and the journey to achieve it

  3. Discover and pursue fitness goals with experienced and inspirational coaches

  4. Learn “Crossfit”...  Constantly varied [fun]ctional movement performed at a high intensity

  5. Learn fun things such as climbing ropes, kipping pullups, double-under jump roping, barbells, handstand walks, and many, many more.

  6. Get a little more fit, strong, powerful, balanced, enduring, quick, flexible, agile, accurate, strong, and brave.

  7. Understand the relationship between nutrition, energy, and performance.

  8. Experience a fun, friendly, supportive, and challenging competition at the end of each session.


First Session

6/28 - 7/9 (no class 7/5)

* Multi-session athletes will build the foundation in a wide array of fitness movements


Second Session

7/12 - 7/23

* Multi-session athletes will learn how to care for their bodies while pushing past uncomfortable boundaries

Signup for Single or Multiple Sessions

  • Every 2-week session will enable an entry-point for athletes at all levels

  • New athletes will learn important fundamental movements at a pace natural to them

  • Experienced athletes will build on their mastery and explore increasingly challenging variations

  • Multi-session athletes will follow a theme of preparing for competition in the sport of crossfit and beyond

  • Each session will require at least 8, but allow no more than 16 athletes

Something new every day
Here's one example...

Single Session

2 weeks

9 or 10 weekday classes 

Classes are 2.5 hours

$200 (~$20 per class)

Double Session

4 weeks

19 - 20 weekday classes

Classes are 2.5 hours

$350 (~$18 per class) 

Monthly Membership
3 classes each week

~28 weekday classes

1-hour classes at 3:30

$129 (~$10 per class)

If these dates don't work exactly, we can discuss custom dates.  Contact or details.

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We also will continue our traditional crossfit kids afternoon classes through the summer.  To learn more, or to reserve your spot contact, or...